What is the best policy for renewable energy?



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    For the government to subsidize it until it can compete with and eventually replace fossil fuels. Then, once all the new energy is being mass produced and the price of production goes down for firms, the government could remove the subsidies and not affect the market.

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    The best policy is not to wait and take responsibility yourself – but how? Its not such hard, if you understand:

    Total Energy Consumption of Earth is about kWh.
    Seems to be a lot of Energy – but wait …
    Total Population is about people
    That means, averaged consumption per person is about about 18 MWh per year, right?
    …and to produce 18 MWh per year, if You produce 24/7 – required performance is
    less than 2,5 kW !!! per person
    We will show You very soon, how You easily can take responibility and built up
    Your own 2,5 kW Energy Plant

    – and earn good money with it – want to know it? Visit us at envidoo and watch our presentation

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