What is the best plant for my house?



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    This could be partially a matter of personal taste combined with where the plant will be in your home (ie mostly shade or mostly sun).  Ficus trees do well in homes as well as spider plants which are usually in hung pots.  My grandmothers had very green thumbs and were able to keep lillies and Christmas cactus in their homes by moving them to cooler locations at the appropriate times.  I personally prefer the plant called string of peas, as it is a fairly low maintenance, cool looking plant.  However, if none of those suggestions peaked your interest, here is a list of 20 great house plants from the Home and Family Network.

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    Spider plants are a great choice. They are easy to grow and can go long periods without water if you are away or forget to water the plant. They grown nicely in hanging baskets and do not create a lot of mess.

    Other nice house plants include ficus and figs, African violets (although these are a little sensitive) and Christmas cactus.

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    Jade plants are another excellent and popular houseplant. They generally do well with lots of light and do fine with cooler winter temperatures down to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Check out the link below for detailed care instructions for jade plants.

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