What is the best plant to grow in a desert climate?



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    I don’t know if there’s one specific “best” plant to grow in a desert climate, but there are certainly types of plants that adapt well in the desert ecosystem. Those plants are cacti, certain trees and shrubs such as the creosote bush, and certain flowers such as the Arizona poppy. For more ideas, click on the link provided below. 

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    Native desert plants are a great economic and environmentally safe option when raising a garden in desert-type climates.

    The cited website has a great list of native desert plants. I personally reccomend yuccas, a very dramatic and low maintenance desert tree, bougainvilleas, a beautiful and dramatically colored flowering vine that comes in multiple varieties and requires practically no water, and saguaro cacti, which have the most beautiful flowers and provide delicious cactus fruits (as long as you’re careful harvesting them!)

    Purple Bougainvillea v

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    The most obvious answer would be a cactus. However, there are many other plants that grow well in desert climates.

    Some of the best wildflowers include:

    • the California poppy, desert lily, Mojave aster, Arizona poppy, desert marigold, chia, cave primrose, Spanish needles, western wallflower, wooly daisy, devil’s claw, moon flower, sand verbena, desert chicory, dogbane, Apache plume and popcorn flower

    Best trees in desert climates are:

    • acacia, juniper, cottonwood, smoke tree, ocotillo, palo verde tree, Mormon tea, ponderosa pine, desert willow, creosote bush, Joshua tree and the California fan palm

    And of course, the best cacti are:

    • agave cacti–octopus agave, holly agave, huachuca agave and twin-flowered agave. Barrel cactus, saguaro, prickly pear and hedgehog. 
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