What is the best plan that we have for saving the environment?



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    The best plan we have for saving the environment is a grassroots campaign. Grassroots campaign are known to include the “average” person and are geared towards the the average person. When everyday people get inspired to make changes and become impassioned about saving the environment, they have the power to influence the world around them. It includes bloggers, moms, students, and other community leaders. When everyone comes to work toward one cause with the same goal it is going to happen. One of the most effective grassroots campaign is that of President Obama. He gathered supporters and continues to engage them through grassroots strategies.

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    I think the best plan for saving the environment, writ large, is awareness. If each individual becomes conscious of their environmental impact, and what they can do to help minimize that impact, the positive effect on the environment would be tremendous. Little concrete things like making sure you recycle, trying to minimize your fuel emissions (keep your tires inflated, don’t leave your car idling), buying local produce, turning the tap of when you scrub your teeth. Just awareness that we are a part of our environment, as opposed to perceiving it as something separate which we simply use, would be a huge, positive step.

    (A great place to start is this site!)

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    I agree with both previous posts.  I would add that I think the best actual plan for saving the environment is using permaculture systems to produce out food.  Agriculture has been the root cause of environmental destruction from the beginning of civilization.  Permaculture offers a way to produce even more food than industrial agriculture WHILE sustaining and encouraging plant biodiversity, trees, even food forests.  This saves many parts of the environment from watersheds to endangered species.  It also reconnects people with nature while teaching them how to grow their own food.  

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