What is the best place for a wildlife photographer?



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    That may depend on what animal or ecosystem the photographer is pursuing. But in general the photographer may want to go to places with the most biodiversity. Namely, Yasuni National Park in Ecuador or anywhere in the Amazon rainforest. 

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    I think that this is one of those questions that is going to have a different answer for everyone. Depending on what you like to photograph, and what it is that you are pursuing, there are going to be many different locations that could suit your interests. I know that I personally love the ocean, so I will most likely be seen taking pictures by the beach when given the opportunity. There are many different types of wildlife that I can capture at the beach, such as seals and dolphins, etc. 

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    I agree that Ecuador is an amazing place for wildlife photography. There are so many cool insects and spiders living there – they are beautiful! Species of birds and orchids are also abundant. I love the background of diverse vegetation and mountains, so the rainforests and cloud forests are two environments I would choose to specialize in if I was a professional wildlife photographer.

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