What is the best pet for kids?



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    It would be hard to say what the best pet for kids is. Dogs and cats are popularly-loved animals, but they do require a fair bit of work and money. If a child has allergies to these animals or if the family doesn’t have enough resources to care for them, you could consider something smaller, like a hamster or a lizard. If the child is able to have a part in caring for the pet, it’s likely to be a good lesson in responsibility.

    I was lucky to have a multi-pet household throughout my childhood. We had a dog, bunny, iguana, water dragon, and snake. Additionally, we took care of several hamsters, anoles, tree frogs and turtles. Currently, we are cat owners, and my brother has a gecko. Being able to learn about these different animals and interact with them were great experiences.

    In choosing a pet, you can take into consideration what each family member would personally like. Review medical and food costs, and think about the time you’ll need to spend walking the dog, playing with the cat, or cleaning the hamster’s cage. 

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    The type of pet you buy for your child/children depends on several different things including preference, age of child, etc. However, the consensus on child-friendly pets include the following:

    1. Guinea Pigs make great child-friendly pets because they are easy to handle and rarely bite. They are also active and will keep children entertained.

    2. Rats are another great option for children because rats tend to be intelligent and social. In addition, they rarely bite and are easy to handle.

    3. Hamsters also make great child-friendly pets because they require very little space and will become tame with handling.

    4. Leopard geckos are another great option for a pet. Leopard geckos are docile and easy to maintain.

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    Fish can be good pets as well, particularly for children who have allergies but want to have a pet. They are relatively easy to care for and can give children a sense of responsibility. Betta fish are an especially good choice because they do not require elaborate filtering systems like goldfish, they can stay in a relatively small tank, and they live much longer than goldfish or guppies. Also, betta fish can recognize their caretaker and dance around when the child approaches. 

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    A list of the “10 Best Pets For Children” lists hampsters as number one. They are adorable and pretty easy to take care of. They are small and don’t require alot of space. They are also very sociable, once they get used to being handled. The downside to having a hampster is that they are nocturnal and sleep alot during the day when the child would usually be awake. Also, since they are small, it is easy for a child to injure the animal if they don’t know how to handle it with care. Hampsters also have a short lifespan of only two years.

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    Large DOGS like Labs are typically friendly and encourage kids to be active outdoors.


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    Guinea pigs are great pets for kids, but just a warning: they smell. I have also been told some pretty traumatic stories about guinea pigs which went missing only to be found dead much later in walls or behind furniture or fixtures. No matter what kind of pet you choose always try to account for their personality. There can be good and bad pets of all species and breeds, but it really depends on their personality. No matter what kind of pet you choose it will be a rewarding experience!

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    There are a lot of pets that are great for young kids to have around. They can learn how to be responsible and take care of them as well as form a bond with their pet in the process. One of the best children’s pet is a hamster, because they are very social while still being easy to take care of in a small space. Along the same lines guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, and geckos would make great pets for a child. All of them can be fun and do not require a whole lot of responsibility to take care of. If you are looking for something even easier to take care of you could get your child and ant farm or a fish tank. Cats and dogs require a little more responsibility, but the reward is noticeable. Cats are not recommended to kids under the age of 5 since they could get angry and hurt your kid, but if they are old enough a cat is a great pet. Dogs need the most time and effort from your child as well as the parents, but if you are looking for your child to grow a special bond with their pet, this is probably the best option.

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