What is the best alternative to oil for cars?



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    In my honest opinion it is a penta-fold combination of Bio-mechanical energy (i.e. your leg muscles) and wind power (harnessed directly via a wind-sail or pull-kite), minimal USDL diesel or other clean burning fuels (when lot’s of power is needed for a short amount of time—ever see Apollo 13 and they perform their “burn”, that’s what I’m talking about), solar energy (why not power the electronics via the sun rather than a battery) and electric energy (if it is feasible to MagLev the new transportation system or operate the supplemental drive system in this manner).  Of course, I am talking about the best – long term solution and – alternative to oil for cars – which is replace cars completely by a more efficient transportation system. If you want to find out more about my ideas on this topic you’ll have to buy my book when it comes out this year!

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