What is the best non food crop bio fuel?



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    Algae is by far the best biofuel and has the potential to replace corn, soy, and sugarcane. In some estimates the algae will be able to produce 7 to 30 times more fuel than crops we use today, and it will not affect the food supply of humans. More information below.

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    How about Lignocellulose?
    Second generation (2G) biofuels use biomass to liquid technology, including cellulosic biofuels from non food crops. Cellulosic ethanol production uses non food crops or inedible waste products and does not divert food away from the animal or human food chain. Lignocellulose is the “woody” structural material of plants. This feedstock is abundant and diverse, and in some cases (like citrus peels or sawdust) it is a significant disposal problem.

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