What is the best natural weed killer?



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    An animal. Grazers will kill your weeds by eating them. However, they may also eat things you don’t want them to eat if there aren’t enough weeds or grass, so this may not be the best situation.

    Here is a link for natural herbicides. They explain that a mixture of vinegar and water at a ratio of 20:80 can be sprayed on weeds. There are also herbicidal soaps.

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    There are a number of natural, cheap ways of killing your weeds. For example, pouring vinegar, boiling water, or rock salt on weeds should kill them fairly effectively. However, you should be careful with some of these because they might end up killing plants that you want to keep alive.

    You could also try to soak your garden and pull the weeds by hand if you have some time. If you pull them out slowly you will usually be able to get the whole root out, which will keep the weed from growing back.

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    Most eco-friendly weed killers still use chemicals, but there are some substances and mixtures you can use from home. Never use salt as a weed killer because it will leach water out of your plants. Pouring hot water on the weeds sounds simple, but it will kill them. Another method is to create a solution of 50% soap and 50% water in a spray bottle and spray the weeds because it will suffocate them. When using any of these methods however, you have to make sure that you are only spraying or pouring the substance on your weeds and not the plants you are trying to save.

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