What is the best natural way to treat minor burns?



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    I’ve had a number of friends who have worked at pizzerias who constantly get minor burns reaching into the ovens. The way they deal with them is by throwing a little flour on the burn. Flour is an abundant, renewable source so its a good natural treatment.

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    Aloe vera is a wonder plant when it comes to soothing irritated skin. The best way to apply it is to simply pick one of the succulent’s leaves, break it in half, and rub the juicy interior on the burn; it works especially well on sunburns. Many lotions and creams contain aloe, including creams for burns.

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    Aloe vera is a terrific treatment for minor burns. As the juices hit your skin, it will cool the burn and make it feel much better. This can be used on sun burns or burns caused by fires or cooking.

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    Peel away the first layer of an onion and then peel away a slice of the inside.  Place directly onto the burn.  Hold for 1 hour.  

    If the burn is truly very mild, run under cool water to decrease the pain and help to resist blistering.

    Sliced potato slices held directly onto the burn also help to relieve pain and decrease blistering. 

    Break open a capsule of vitamin E and apply directly to burn.

    After cooling the burn with water, apply a thin layer of honey, cover and let sit until pain decreases. 



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