What is the best natural air filter?



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    A number of air filters claim to be “natural” because they remove unnatural, human made toxins from the air. The most widely available are HEPA, that remove 99.97% of particles above .03 micrometers from the air. There are even more stringent air filters for specialty purposes, but these are not common or inexpensive.

    Other air filters claim to be natural because they use natural materials and are biodegradable. The DuraLast, cited below, however does not claim to be up to the standard of HEPA, and the charts the company provides show other features besides ability to catch small particles. And it’s notable that the only thing it seems to do really well is hold a lot of dust.

    If someone has severe allergies, it appears the best choice is still to pick a non-natural HEPA filter.

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    The answer is deceptively simple: houseplants! NASA did a study on several different houseplants a while back and discovered that several of them filter other things besides just carbon dioxide out of the air. If you want to know which ones in particular are the best ones to buy, I recommend reading these articles. The great thing about house plants is that they look pretty and you just water them about once a week instead of plugging them into your wall.

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