What is the best, most effective way to cure a sinus infection without the use of antibiotics?

Preferably it would be something that could be used regularly in the event you are someone who gets them often.



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    I don’t know if you have ever heard of it, but there is a product on the market called a Neti Pot. You use it like a teapot and pour a stream of water through your nasal passageway to clear the sinuses. It sounds freaky but I have heard really positive things about them and you can use the neti pot over and over again and it will help clear things up.

    I am not sure if it is the best way to cure a sinus infection but it certainly will help.

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    Never tried it personally, but a lot of people swear by apple cider vinegar, but you have to use this treatment before the infection is full-blown. It helps by stopping the histamine or allergic reaction, in turn preventing sinus inflammation. You just gulp 2 tbsp all at once or slowly drink 1/8 c – 1/4 c through out the day (added to water so it’s not so harsh).

    If it’s too late for that, neti pot provides AMAZING relief for sinus inflammation. If you want to actually cure yourself instead of only treating symptoms though, try adding grapefruit seed extract to your neti pot. It is (apparently) a natural antibiotic.

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    Like Prenda11 and Elifitz, I would suggest Neti-Pot(ting). Other house hold remedies include inhaling steam (hot shower, tea) or using vick’s vapor rub to promote drainage, snorting cayenne (sound a bit intense, but maybe it’s worth it…), and, like Elifitz, i’ve heard positive results from drinking apple cier vinegar. 

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    Other people have already suggested it, but Neti Pots are wonderful. I just recently started using one and it really does clear up clogged and painful sinuses. I have to use it twice a day for two or three days, but it cleared up my head cold really well. Also, this is probably biased, but the manuel it comes with does claim to cure sinus infections without medication.


    Also, taking a natural antibiotic like echinacea may help.

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