What is the best method for home canning?



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    Although you’ll find a lot of different methods for canning procedures, I highly recommend checking the links below.  One will take you to the USDA’s “Safe Canning” PDF — which provides more “don’ts” than “do’s” but will help create a knowledge base to get you going.  Most of the material I found regarding canning suggested doing a decent amount of specific research regarding what you are canning (fruits, veg, etc).


    There are three basic varieties of canning:  1) Water bath canning, 2) Pressure canning, 3) Freezer canning.  You will need to buy proper containers for canning — with pressure canning requiring the largest investment.

    This website: http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art2816.asp, seems to have a great deal of information and instructions as well.

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    I have attached a link that describes the USDA approved home canning methods. 

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    As Michael said, there are lots of procedures for canning. Water bath canning is  the usual procedure used at home, though pressure canning is getting more popular these days. Here’s a very informative article that you can read to get more tips on residential canning. 

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