What is the best mattress for the environment?



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    I don’t know what the “best” mattress is, but there are many options for mattresses. Finding the best one for you is a matter of balancing the environmental effects of the mattress with value and comfort (e.g. buying an eco-friendly mattress that you end up disposing of in a few years if it wears uncomfortably is far more detrimental than keeping one that is perhaps less eco-friendly but you keep for longer).

    Here are some of your options:


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    Organic cotton, wool & 100% organic latex rubber mattresses made with the Dunlop process are the best because they don’t contain chemicals, made eco-friendly and bio-degrade in the sunlight.

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    Flobeds are an extremely comfortable eco-friendly option, speaking from experience. They use organic cotton as the outer cover, which is processed without chemicals. Natural latex, from the rubber tree and processed without chemicals, is also used. The wool used is from sheep that live outside all year, like sheep should, and are not exposed to herbicides or pesticides.

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