What is the best material for toilets to be made from?



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    The best material for toilets are ceramics or a special clay called vitreous china. The end product using both materials should be water proof and stainproof. For the seat, the best material to use would be wood. Not because they are cheaper–because they are not–but they are more eco-friendly, durable, and they keep your bum warmer.

    I’m sure you want to go eco-friendly so check various technological advances to how your toilet flushes water. Would you be surprised to hear that your toilet is the number one water wasting piece in your home?

    There are toilets that offer options as to how much water you want to flush with (depending on the load) to toilets that seperate your urine from your feces. Go to a local home furnishing store like Home Depot and check out your options.

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