What is the best material to make roads out of as far as fuel efficiency?



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    Well this is a bit of debate.  

    Concrete can be rougher, and is usually cut with grooves in it.  This increases friction, which obviously can lower gas milage.

    However, Asphalt wears and warps much more quickly which causes uneven roads and potholes and the like, which can also lower gas milage.


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    Asphalt is beginning to be replaced in many areas by concrete, which is a better if sometimes more expensive method. The thing about concrete though is if it is done correctly the first time, it will last much longer than asphalt, which will crack and divide over time. Concrete is also cleaner than asphalt, and isn’t nearly as toxic to people or the environment. Another up-and-coming alternative is polymer surfacing, which can add strength and flexibility to new road surfaces. Polymer is still in the beginning stages, however, as it still has some draw backs to work out before being used on a massive scale.

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