What is the best material to make clothing with for the environment?



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    Cloth made from organic materials, such as soy and hemp are often considered greener than other textile varieties.  Some manufacturers have come out with organic cotton, and others have promised that the labor used in clothing production is “green.”  You can order just about anything online from green clothing manufacturers these days, since it’s becoming something of a fad.

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    I found some very interesting facts about clothing items. First of all, buy less clothes or try thrift stores and recycle or pass on your own clothing that no longer fits. Often we keep buying and buying clothing, putting ourselves into debt. I highly recommend a challenge I am doing right now; for one year I am not buying a single clothing item. This allows you to be creative with the clothes you do own and to really live on less. My blog is listed in the citations if interested in reading more about this challenge or joining yourself.

    Anyway to answer your question, you would need to know some details. For one, growing cotton uses pesticides and requires extensive use of water. I tend to think cotton is the wisest choice, but after reading several articles, I have come across a list of the most eco friendly materials.

    !) Alpaca

    2) organic cotton

    3) Hemp

    4) Bamboo

    5) soy

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    Recycling is one of the best options – there are plenty of clothes made in many sizes so most people can find what they need that way.

    Also – making clothing from alpaca, llama, sheeps wool, is better than synthetic materials.  These animals can be sheared and the wool grows back making it somewhat sustainable to make clothing from them.

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