What is the best low flow shower head on the market?



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    The “best” shower head depends on your personal preference and price range. Here is an article with some reviews.


    The Bricor Low Flow Showerheads use only 1/2 to 1 gallon per minute, but they are expensive ($80). The Ultra Saver Showerhead is not quite as effective (1.5 gpm) and may need to be replaced every few years, but it costs under $10.

    The article has some additional links at the bottom if none of those designs are appealing to you.

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    depends on what you want. typically look at flow, price, effect on temperature and any other special features, you shouldn’t need to pay more than 30 bucks. I’d recommend Oxygenics

    Pros: Attractive design. Adapts well to different kinds of water pressure. Has a lever that adjusts water velocity. Oxygenates water.

    Cons: Has a jet-like sound that some may find distracting. May reduce the temperature of your shower water a bit.

    Price: $20-35

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