What is the best insecticide to get rid of aphids on tower poplars?



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    Well, the best insecticide for any situation is natural methods. Aphids have natural predators, including a very popular one, in the form of the Ladybug (as well as the lacewing, which are less attractive). The larvae of these insects eat aphids, however, make sure you control your ant population, as the ants will defend the aphids, since their honeydew acts as a food source (like farmers protecting their chickens).

    There are a numerous amount of other natural solutions in the link I’ve provided. But as you have described the Poplars as “Towering”, many of these techniques may be unfeasible. Although the best methods are always prevention and natural selection, you can also use chemical methods like Insect Growth Regulators. Since these target the insects themselves, they are relatively safe on you, the plants, and your pets.Please see the second link for more information.

    I hope this helped!

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