What is the best exercise to increase flexibility?



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    The best way to increase flexibility is to stretch your body consistently and repeatedly. Also, yoga is another great way to help you increase your flexibiltity. Through the slow motions and positions you body will become looser and stretch out over time. The link below has several easy exercises that you can perform almost anywhere to help your flexibility.

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    Flexibility allows the body to have more effieciency of movement, increased balance, increased relaxation, decreased chance of injury.  The best way to increase flexibility is to increase the strength of your muscles.  Exercises that are helpful in increasing flexibility are aerobic exercises.

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    The best exercises to increase flexibility is to do daily stretching before and after a workout preferably. You can also stretch at work as a break. Finally, walking is great for muscle tone and conditioning. Yoga and pilates are great ways to bring breathing and strength conditioning to your stretching regimen as well as will bring other dimensions to your stretching routine.

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    A style of stretching that I have found helpful and added to my regimen is known as PNF stretching. This requires a partner, but in a pinch you could use a towel, assuming you aren’t trying to stretch your arms. While you maintain a stretch for the region of your desired flexibility for a length of time, say 30 sec, your partner applies pressure as you push back as hard as you can, isolating that region. Your partner should only apply as much pressure as it takes to keep you around the same general area. After 10 sec, your partner can aid you in stretching farther. Repeat this three times. You’ll find the results to be fantastic–it can not only make you very flexible, but if you have pains and soreness in that region, it will help alleviate it as well.

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    The key to increase flexibility is daily stretching.  Be sure to stretch out all the various parts of your limbs including hands (especially if you’re at a desk job), arms, ankles, hamstrings and more.  There are various easy-to-do desk stretches here: http://www.shelterpub.com/_fitness/_desk_stretches/stretches_graphic.html

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    Yoga is wonderful for flexibility.  It’s a way to relax and center your mind as well.  Any sort of stretch will help with flexibility.  Just be sure to increase focus on limberness over time so that you don’t just develop certain flexibilities in certain muscles.

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    Well lillie73, I’d have to say yoga is the best excercise discipline you can get into to enhance flexibility, joint health, cardiovascular health, and overall quality of life. I’m sure you can find a class in your town, and if not, there are plenty of websites that offer hundreds of articles on positions, routines and lifestyle. Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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    Gravity decreases as the space between objects increases

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