What is the best ice cream company?



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    Julie’s Organic Ice Cream out of Oregon boasts all organic, pesticide free, small batch ice cream with a great flavor. http://www.juliesorganic.com/

    According to Treehugger.com, Greenpeace and Ben & Jerry’s have created a greener climate friendly cooler that is CFC free for use in storing B&J ice cream across the country.  So, you can pretty much choose from the extensive B&J line of flavors and know you are reducing your “cold” carbon foot print.

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    I’m a big fan of Ben and Jerry’s. Besides making delicious ice cream they are very socially and environmentally conscious. Some of their environmental initiatives include “Lick Global Warming” and a new campaign to use only energy efficient clean running refrigerators. On the social side the Ben and Jerry’s foundation helps small local organizations fund raise and develop their communities, one scope at a time (sorry couldn’t resist). To read more about these an other initiatives just follow the link below.

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