What is the best homemade recycled Halloween costume you have seen?



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    I think the best one that I ever saw was a friend of mine who made himself a “suit of armor” out of the cardboard from beer cases. Keep in mind this was college and in terms of college Halloween costumes, this one was both recycled and pretty creative. 

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    I recently saw a picture of two college girls who dressed up as Mary-Kate and Ashley for Halloween.  It seemed like a really easy costume because they just wore lots of layers, big sunglasses, baggy clothes, and red lipstick.  They also carried around Starbucks cups to drink out of.  I think it’s a cute idea, and most of the items can be found in any college girl’s closet.

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    A friend of mine had a birthday party before Halloween and had leftover balloons. She blew the purple ones up and went as grapes. It was a last minute costume, but it was funny and she didn’t have to spend extra money.

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