What is the best green school supplies?

Looking for all green school products including links for others to ref.



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    There are a lot of cool options for green school supplies. For pencils, Treesmart brand pencils are wrapped in recycled newspaper, and Recycled blue jean pencils are made of recycled denim fabric. For backpacks, there are non-PVC options, with hemp being one popular non-plastic choice. You can also buy paper clips made from recycled steel, and there are a ton of companies that make notebooks with recycled paper. 

    Check out the link (http://www.care2.com/greenliving/best-cool-green-school-supplies.html) for sites where these products are on sale. 

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    You could purchase a backpack made of recycled PET polyester. In addition, ECOcentric bags offers awesome bag and backpack designs made from recycled materials. The Green Office is a source for completely recycled post-consumer waste notebooks. Click the citation to see even more ideas!


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    You can also eliminate buying a lot of supplies by purchasing a laptop or ipad. I realize that’s quite an investment but it’s most likely an academic investment you will have to make. All note-taking, research, essays, communication (with peers and instructor) and even class readings can be accessed and completed with a laptop or similar device. True you still will usually have to print assignments to turn in to your teacher, but besides that, digital is a greener academic option.

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    There is a staple-free eco stapler that connects pages by making small puncture and overlap folds in the papers. One of my classmates had one and it worked really well!


    Recycled content notebooks and computers are more eco-friendly ways of note-taking.


    There are a bunch of different biodegradable pens out there. I have one by Paper Mate.


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