What is the best green New Years resolution you have heard of?



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    This isn’t really a New Year’s resolution but rather kind of a personal challenge. M=One of my good friends is trying to see if she can get all her food from within I think it was 100 miles of her house. This means she cannot eat anything from other countries and pretty much other states, with the exception of things like coffee and sugar, which you cant grow in New Jersey believe it or not.

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    to stop using bottled water! i kind of hate bottled water. just one purchase can save a lot of money AND plastic waste throughout the year!

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         It’s not really a New Year’s resolution but Canadian journalist Vanessa Farquharson recently spent an entire year making one ecofriendly lifestyle change a day and blogging about it. She wrote a book about her experience called Sleeping Naked is Green.

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    To not break your New Year’s Resolution. Everyone always breaks theirs, so mine is to not break mine. That’s it.

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    In the book The 100 Mile Diet: A Year of Local Eating, a couple from Vancouver spend a year only consuming things that are grown or produced within a 100-mile radius from their house.  Though this is an extreme, and probably is not feasible for most people, everyone would benefit from making more local food choices.

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    My family is thinking about buying a new car this year if we do it will probably be a hybrid.

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    My friend sold her car and used the money to fund a 3 month bike trip down the entire west coast, from Washington to Mexico. She had a great trip and said the best part about it was the satisfaction she got from getting herself everywhere using her own body and willpower, and not a car that ran on gas. 

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    One good new year’s resolution I heard was to give up plastic and paper bags at the grocery store. It doesn’t sound that difficult until you find yourself a block from the grocery store without your reusable bags. 


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