What is the best green job industry?



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    Hard to say- ‘best’ is subjective (most enjoyable? highest pay? most jobs?), but I think it would be the clean tech job industry, just because it is perhaps the largest green industry, with a growing number of jobs. Clean tech includes the research, design, and maintenance of renewable energy, information technology, environmentally-friendly transportation, and sustainable chemistry.

    For detailed breakdowns of jobs in this market (namely, the top jobs based on availability and pay) see this list of best green industry jobs.

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    Some of the lesser-known “green” jobs are farmers and foresters, many of whom will be retiring in the next decade or two.

    Of course, solar-power installers will come into demand as solar panels become increasingly cost-effective.

    Urban planners will be important as well in reducing urban sprawl and designing public transportation systems.

    This article lists the ten best green careers for the next decade, along with schools that provide the best education for the career and companies that require the expertise of a particular position.  This list is different from elifitz’s list.

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    As elifitz previously noted, how do you define “best”. I personally define “best” as making the most money while secondarily helping the environment.

    To add onto the answer, innovative green technology will be prominent in the distant future. By 2045, according to SBA, oil and natural gas is expected to exhause from the reserves. Currently there are innovation grants available. Examples promising technological industries are more efficent electric power cars and nano solar panels. The best green job industry might lie in innovative startups.

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    Sustainable businesses is a rising field. In the past decade or two, many universities are offering MBA programs with a focus on sustainability. Green products are becoming more popular and accepted in the market. Consumers are starting to think more about their purchases, so the demand for green products is increasing. Whether it is a green start-up or greening a major corporation, everyone is hoping to be more sustainable. As they have been saying: Green is the New Black. 

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