What is the best green invention you know about?



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    In my opinion the best green invention has been the development of the electric car and the evolution of the hybrid car. The growing popularity of gas-efficient vehicles has led domestic car companies to pour more money into these types of cars. Maybe someday we’ll live in a country where no car runs on gasoline.

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    Any of the new inventions from the book in my first link, this book offers a look into the future of what electricity generation will look like. My favorite is magnetic power generation, which promises to revolutionize the future of electricity. You can see how to build one in the two links below, though this is not advisable unless you are very confident in your abilities.


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    Right now, I’d have to say solar panels. They can be used for a wide assortment of purposes. I’ve seen solar panels fitted to many odd and unusual things to provide power. I’ve also heard about solar panels being fitted to clothing so you can charge a cell phone as you walk.

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