What is the best green invention you have heard about?


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    I can’t decide! There are so many amazing innovations. The slideshow below showcases 15 incredible inventions. I can’t even imagine how people create these things. My favorite is probably the YoGen charger. It powers electronics by transforming kinetic energy without the slow speed of solar power.

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    I realize it’s slightly morbid, but I’m glad there are now eco-friendly coffins.  I hate the idea of my body remaining preserved in the ground for eons… the coffins are a start.

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    Xeros Waterless Washer seems pretty interesting.  Definitely solar energy, frictionless turbine wind power and I agree with poster above about the coffins.  Also there are some very simple things that we can use that are not tecnological inventions.  So things like clotheslines & reuseable cloth bags!

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    Instead of naming just one thing, and you may have heard of it, my vote is for TerraCycle. They’ve been getting a lot of press lately. To me, there’s nothing more innovative than the initiative of eliminating all waste. While we are searching for new ways to purify our water and reduce emissions, TerraCycle is picking up our trash and turning it into treasure, and putting it back into our economic cycle. That’s pretty innovative!

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    For the absent minded, or if you’re just in a rush leaving the house, the Blink is pretty cool. I sound like a salesman. Sheesh.

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    In no way do I think this is the most influential invention, but you could stretch it to say that it’s a green transportation alternative.  The Powerizer are basically springs that attach to your calf and turn you into a kangaroo.  I think most people are using it for recreation, but better than a gas guzzling scooter! Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3W5mSq312Y&feature=player_embedded

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    I’m not sure if it qualifies as an invention, but I thought this was a really cool green innovation. At a subway stop in Paris, they are using the heat generated by people waiting for the subway (as well as that generated by the moving trains) to heat an apartment complex above. Doing so it cutting the carbon emissions of the apartment complex by roughly 33%, compared with the use of traditional heaters. I thought that the idea was both a very practical yet sort of brilliant environmentally-friendly innovation. 


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    The bicycle. It is the single most energy efficient way to travel, it is fun, and it feels good. 

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    I agree that there are so many! The most bizzare I’ve ever heard is a green blood lamp! Mike Thompson developed it when he asked the question “what if power came at the cost of the individual?”. My friend told me about this and I found an article on it. Basically, it’s a single-use lamp that requires a person to use a drop of their blood!

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    Justin Hall-Tipping has a Ted Talk in which he describes the new invention he and scientists are working on to provide clean and cheap energy. He is developing nanotechnology that utilizes carbon to keep heat or cold into your house. This carbon would be transparent and is 1000 times more conductive than copper. I gave a link to the talk below, I recommend you watch it. He is a very inspiring speaker. Of course, this technology has not been invented yet. If I were to pick an invention that already existed I suppose I would chose the internet for making information accessible to people. 

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