What is the best green gift that you can think of?


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    I think a plant is a great green gift.  Plants can be given as a gift for many different occasions and help out with air quality and oxygen production, plus they can liven up a room of a house or planted in the yard for decor.

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    I think recycled art makes a great green gift. Not only are you creating something especially for the recipient, but you are reusing materials and giving them a new purpose. Check out http://www.recycledart.com/ for some inspiration!

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    As you get more involved in being green, one thing you may try to do is just live a simpler lifestyle, therefore material gifts may or may not be appropriate. Many organizations will allow you to make a donation in someone else’s name, which you can give in a card or something as a gift. Maybe a donation to a green nonprofit group?

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    I believe a nice road bike with an aluminum frame is a great green gift because it allows the user to go on a bike ride and enjoy the fresh air. Because the bike is light-weight and has great momentum, it’s a great tool for exercising outside the neighborhood and streets. Maybe it can also be a great commuting device to a nearby store or even work, if it is close enough. The manufacturing of the bicycle may not use eco-friendly strategies, but a bike has numerous benefits.

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    I think the best green gifts are something that is handmade. My grandparents made me a quilt this year for my birthday out of old fabric they had and a few newer pieces. They didn’t buy it from a store that uses energy, there was no thrown away packaging, and its something I will treasure for the rest of my life. 

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    One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, so I think anything second hand is a great green gift. If people could look past the desire to buy “new”, there would be far less going to waste today. 

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    I agree, I think that second hand and recycled gifts are unique and thoughtful. I also like gifts that promote an eco friendly attitude–something that can get the recipient interested in becoming more sustainable. Perhaps even a gift that will get a person more interested in a cause (planting them a tree, adopting an elephant, etc.).

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    Flowers are a great gift, especially when the recipient is female. Flowers can help with air quality and can either brighten up a room or give a sense of peace and calm. They can also be planted in a garden for a small eco-friendly project!

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    A great, green gift could be setting up a green picnic for someone. Using reusable plates, utensils, and cups, as well as locally sourced food. It’s nice to have a picnic when the weather is nice at the park, or on the beach. What better way to enjoy nature than with a green picnic! 

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    The best green gift is the gift of LOVE, any matiral gift has wrapping and stuff, if will also probably break eventualy. Just let the gift reciver know you care by a hug or kiss. (It’s also great for last minuet shopping)

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    The best gift I have given was lending a helping hand, whether it’s helping out a stranger, friend, or family member. By helping someone out you can show them how much you care, but also expose them to new green ways of thinking.

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