What is the best green coffee?



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    There has been one taste-test of shade-grown coffee that I could find (shade-grown being generally accepted as the most environmentally friendly way to grow coffee) and the two highest-rated coffees where the Arbor Day Mexico Ismam Co-op and the Counter Culture Coffee Guatemala Huehuetenango (they scored equally high).  The review is here:


    For more information on shade-grown coffee, check the links!

    Also, here’s information on Ismam:


    If you click “buy” on the page you can see places where you can get that and other fair trade coffees.

    And here’s the Counter Culture Coffee website:


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    It is also important that you purchase coffee that is fair trade. The fair trade movement advocates the payment of a higher price to producers as well as social and environmental standards. By supporting Fair trade marked items , you are helping producers in developing countries obtain better trading conditions all while promoting sustainability.

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