What is the best green cleaner on the market?



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    Well, I hear that Seventh Generation is the good stuff… And, word on the street is that you should be skeptical of Simple Green products. Lots of “green washing” out there, no pun intended.

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      What sort of stuff have you heard about Simple Green? I just bought some of their dish soap. Do you think 7th Gen is better?

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      Yes. 7th Gen. is supposedly better. Simple Green, at least their all purpose cleaner, contains a solvent called 2-butoxyethanol, which is a known environmental hazard, and it causes a whole range of health problems.

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    While there are green products on the market, perhaps it is even greener to make your own cleaning products.  Try a water/vinegar mix for cleaning most carpet stains or douse it with a bit of club soda.  For more non-toxic, homemade ideas, visit the site below. 

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    That’s true, making your own cleaning products is greener. Vinegar does work wonders as a cleaning product and as a conditioner for your hair – so I’ve heard…never actually have done it though. Seventh Generation always comes out as the winner in top ten green lists for cleaning products (at the least the ones I’ve read) and has good reviews. I’ve haven’t heard anything about Simple Green, but I will keep that in mind. As for some other green  cleaning products, I believe is Method is great as well as Sun & Earth.

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