What is the best green car available now?



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    The “best” car depends on your personal preference and your financial situation. The hugely popular Toyota Prius bears mentioning because of the hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. The Prius can achieve the best combined fuel economy, rated around 50 mpg, but usually more like 45 mpg in real-life conditions.

    Greencar.com has some good things to say about some other models, including the Ford Fusion hybrid and Saturn Vue:


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    The Volkswagon Jetta TDI is a popular choice and winner of awards for green cars, including the 2009 Green Car of the Year Award. It’s clean diesel powered and achieves an estimated highway fuel economy of 41 mpg with greatly reduced greenhouse gas emissions. It has also set a Guinness World Record of 58.82 mpg.

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    I think it depends on the needs of the person.  I have a natural gas Honda Civic, and it suits me perfectly.  It is simple, and unfussy.  Also, other than the sticker on the back of the car, you can’t really tell that it is any different than the regular Civic.

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