What is the best green award?



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    The Goldman Environmental Prize is an excellent green award. Winners who have worked hard to protect the environment are announced every April. The winners go on a 10-day tour of San Francisco and Washington D.C., which includes award ceremonies, news conferences, meetings with political and environmental leaders, and media coverage. Winners are recognized throughout the world and receive $150,000 to help them continue their projects.

    Awards given by the United Nations Environmental Programme are significant achievements as well. The UNEP’s awards include Champions of the Earth, UNEP Sasakawa Award, Focus on Your World – International Photographic Competition, the SEED awards, and the Green Star Awards. UNEP also teams up with other organizations to award present other environmental awards, such as the Green Awards, World Challenge, and the Zayed International Prize for the Environment.

    All of these are great awards, but I tend to hear about the Goldman Prize and the Green Awards the most.

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