What is the best granola bar for the environment?



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    As far as taste is concerned this is obviously a personal preference.  I prefer Larabars.  They come in many flavors that are very tasty and healthy for you, such as Peanut Butter Cookie, Coconut Cream Pie, and Banana Nut Bread.  The majority of Larabars have as little as two ingredients, using dates to bind the ingredients and add natual sweetness without the refined sugars.

    If you are feeling ambitious and really want to be good to the environment, you can bake your own granola bars.  Many cooking websites and blogs feature good granola recipes that also do not use many ingredients.  If you have rolled oats, agave nectar or honey, and any fun add-ins you like, such as chocolate chips, cinnamon, dried fruit, or nuts, you can have your own green granola bars in a few hours.

    For some inspirations I have included links to some of the recipes I have tried and been happy with. 

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    The best granola bar for the environment is one that uses all natural, organic and preferably local ingredients!  Also, if you’re making your own, you can make them even greener by how you make them.  Even simple things like turning off the lights in the kitchen while the bars are baking or using minimal water to wash the dishes when you’re done make a difference. 

    The recipes that whitney36 included sound great.  There’s a few more yummy ones here: http://blog.ecoetsy.com/2010/09/eco-friendly-granola-bars-recipe/html.  As with anything, the more organic and natural your ingredients are, the more eco-friendly the bars will be.  You can also try substituting other ingredients (like stevia or molasses for the sugar) to switch things up and make the bars even more eco-friendly. 

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