What is the best garden you have ever seen?



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    I haven’t seen many gardens, the Boston Public Garden is nice though.

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    I can’t think of the names of any specific gardens, but I really appreciate permaculture gardens. Permaculture is supposed to mirror the patterns from nature, instead of having plants lined up in rows. I have attached a link to some basic information about permaculture.

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    My favorite gardens, though I don’t often go, are the gardens around the Biltmore Estate in my home state of North Carolina. May is the best time to see all the colorful blooms, but mid-summer is nice, too!

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    Versailles Palace in France has some amazing grounds: 

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    Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are pretty amazing. 


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    A really unique garden that I visited was an orchid museum in Mindo, Ecuador. Through winding paths lined with various tropical trees, plants, and flowers, we viewed dozens of orchid species. Since orchids are epiphytes and can grow directly off other plants – and even rocks – we saw some really interesting plant relationships. 

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