What is the best fruit to get vitamin C?



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    The fruit with the highest amount of vitamin C is actually the guava. A 100g piece of guava contains about 152mg of vitamin C, which is 4x the amount of vitamin C than there is in a 100g piece of orange, and 5x more than in a 100g piece of lemon. Guavas are also a good source of Vitamin A, B-vitamins, and fiber.

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    Vitamin C consumption is vital to human health, it helps boost the immune system, aids in healing wounds, prevents periodontal disease, helps prevent some forms of cancer, and helps maintain collagen. A fruit that contains a large amount of vitamin C is the Kakadu Plum which contains 2300 to 3150 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams. Some other excellent sources of vitamne C are: blackcurrants, guavas, jujubes, kiwis, redcurrants, and rosehips.

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    The top 7 fruits for their vitamin C content are. 

    Top 7 Fruits For Vitamin C Content

    1. Guava, 1 medium, 165 mg
    2. Papaya, 1 cup, 87 mg
    3. Strawberries, 1 cup, 84 mg
    4. Kiwi, 1 medium, 74 mg
    5. Cantaloupe, 1 cup, 68 mg
    6. Orange, 1 medium, 75 mg
    7. Grapefruit, half, 42 mg

    Guava is native to Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America. 100 grams of Guava contains 228 mg. of Vitamin C . The rind of the guava has the most amount of vitamin C, containing about 5 times more than an orange. 

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