What is the best form of irrigation for my garden?



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    If you only have a small plot, hand watering is the easiest option but not necessarily the most efficient. Despite the involved set up process, the most efficient form of irrigation for gardens is drip irrigation. This ensures that plants get the right amount of water directed toward the base of plants where it is best utilized. This system results in less water waste and is thus the best form of irrigation.

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    Definitely drip irrigation set up with a timer.  We bought a drip irrigation system from GrowOrganic.com and it makes a huge difference.  All the time goes into setup.  Once you’ve set up your drip irrigation, you set the timer to water at night and for how long and then don’t have to worry about watering the garden.  It saves so much time and hassle and provides your plants the amount of water that they need.  Different plants have different watering needs and it’s easy to tailor to the plants requirement using different emitters.

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