What is the best fertilizer to use in edible plant gardens?



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    You’ll want to use an organic fertilizer. This type of fertilizer can come in various forms from a variety of sources. Manuere, bone/fish meal or seaweed are some common types.

    Check out this site for more info & some great gardening tips:


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    “Best” is a subjective term, but for ‘eco-friendly,’ there are some clear answers.

    Certainly, as eloiselk mentioned, organic fertilizers are the way to go. Chemical fertilizers can eventually destroy the soil one is trying to enrich, or damage native plants and animals. But even organic fertilizer – if trucked from far away – poses the problem of contributing to pollution, both in its production and in its transport to your garden.

    So, organic home-made fertilizers: the soil-like product of compost, or the liquid product of biogas digestion, make great organic fertilizers. There are also ‘recipes’ for making organic fertilizers, like the one illustrated in the link below, which utilizes comfrey leaf.

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