What is the best environmental prank you have ever heard of?



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    When I was a kid, we used to “fork” people’s yards. The thought was that forks, unlike toilet paper, would be easy to clean up and wouldn’t be left all over the yard after the prank. Now, I realize how bad plastic silverware can be for the environment. (If you want to learn more about that, and ways to reuse plastic silverware you come across, check out this link http://www.recyclethis.co.uk/20080201/how-can-i-reuse-or-recycle-plastic-cutlery)

    Anyway, one time we decided to fork the yard of someone who taught classes at out church, but she heard about it and was waiting for us inside her camper. After we’d been sticking forks in the ground for about 10 minutes, someone walked next to the camper and she jumped out and scared us!!

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