What is the best environmental movie?



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    I’m sure most people would recommend “An Inconvenient Truth”, if you were to watch it take what is said with a grain of salt. A British judge found 9 major errors in the reasoning of the movie, enough to warrant a disclaimer if the film is to be shown to children. Another, less known environmental film, “The Great Global Warming Swindle” has similar problems with its factual reasoning. As a whole, I think most of the major environmental “documentaries” about global warming are works of propaganda.

    In terms of the best environmental movie, I think “Who Killed the Electric Car” is a pretty entertaining watch and pretty true to the facts.

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    “Happy Feet” is good because it talks about penguins and the effects that humans can have on their environment. Also, “The Day After Tomorrow” has an environmental message. It’s basically about a world-wide disaster, and what can happen when humans ignore the important signs that our earth is showing us about what we’re doing. “Fern Gully” is a movie about the last rainforest. This is definitely an environmental movie, plus, kids can watch it because it’s animated and has cute fairy characters.

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    “King Corn” was a very good movie that relates to the environment. In showing how corn is being used to create other things (fuel, corn syrup, etc.), this documentary also shows how most of the things we eat have some sort of connection with corn.

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