What is the best environmental class you have taken in college?



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    I took a great environmental class at the University of Illinois called Tomorrow’s Environment.  The class, cross-listed in Environmental Science, Crop Science, and Community Health, had a multi-approach to the issues.  We looked into water, air, and land pollution, farming (gmos, fish farms, pesticide use, etc),  deforestation, invasive species, environmental economics, alternative fuel, and many more topics.  We studied them through both scientific and social approaches, and more importantly, studied all arguments surrounding the issues – whether they really were major issues, what should be done, ethics behind things.  The class also had us look into a current topic or debate and present them in a similar manner (I studied the media going ‘green’ and whether or not this was a sham or a real movement).  The class was great – got you to learn the science behind environmental issues to form a solid argument, and got you to learn both sides so that you weren’t just blindly following messages that one party is pumping out.

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