what is the best eco/animal friendly wireless internet company?



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    This isn’t something ISPs are typically concerned about at all. (I worked for one.) And there’s sort of a good reason:

    The problem is that the vast majority of customers feel they should be paying less, and getting faster service. They hear about the kid down the block — with a much better computer — who has fantastic Internet performance, and can’t understand why their cheap, out-of-date, poorly-maintained computer with malware and six open applications isn’t as fast.

    Customer do not phone up asking whether networking companies are going to be more green, they phone up complaining about problems, and asking when the next upgrade is going to be.

    So this is an area where customers are so perplexed and upset there’s not much time for niceties such as being green. Customers aren’t asking for it, so companies aren’t trying to deliver it.





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