what is the best eco-friendly way to dispose of my shower curtain?



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    Shower curtains can be reused in a number of creative and useful ways.  You could use it as a drop cloth for your trunk to protect it from wear and tear.  You could turn it into an apron or how about a drop cloth for those painting projects or if you have children who love to finger paint-protect your floors!  If it is a plastic shower curtain you can lay it in your garden under mulch to prevent weed growth.

    There are some very unique ways to recycle a shower curtain and I attached an article that will give you other great ideas.

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    Depending on what your shower curtain is made out of, you might be able to recycle it. If you know it is made out of PVC or vinyl, then you cannot recycle it because it can emit toxic compounds. If this is the case then you can simply reuse it for all sorts of things. 


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    Depending on what kind of shower curtain you have, you may not be able to dispose of it ‘green-ly’.  Many shower curtains contain PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which is a harmful type of plastic that emits dangerous compounds into the air. 

    The best way then to get rid of it is actually to keep it around … and re-use it!

    Here are 12 ideas for re-using your shower curtain: (please note, it’s best to clean and de-grime the curtain before using for any of the items below!)

    1. Cover table tops, floors, tubs or any surface that you want to protect while painting, doing crafts, or any activity that is considered messy

    2. Throw on the mattress underneath sheets and bedding to act as a nifty bed-wetting protector for li’l ones

    3. Bring camping!  Great to use as a tarp when it rains, or on the ground for sitting, picnic-ing, or underneath sleeping bags if you’re sleeping under the stars!

    4. Tack to an old junk or craft table to protect the table and have a clean surface each time (simply wipe down after each crafting session)

    5. Use as a liner in places that get dirty quickly — mudrooms, underneath the sink, shelving in the garage.  Great way not to have to scrub these areas all the time

    6. Cut the shower curtain into the shape of a smock or plastic apron for kids to paint and craft without getting dirty.  With some nifty sewing, could also be made into a poncho for rainy season

    7. Cut and sew into plastic travel bags.  Instructions here: http://www.pfaffusa.com/media/Projects/CraftsGarmentBag.pdf

    8. Sew into the bottom of beach or gym bags for an instant plastic lining.  Great for carrying sandy and wet gear

    9. Use as a tarp outdoors to cover lawn equipment, plants, or shrubs from the elements

    10. Use as drop cloths when doing painting and remodeling work on the house

    11. Use to cover flower beds in the spring and fall as the seasons change

    12. Keep the curtain folded up in the back or trunk of the car and use when hauling items that may dirty the interior of the car

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