What is the best eco friendly travel mug?



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    The JOEmo leak-proof travel mug is stainless steel with a plastic top. It was voted the best commuter cup by the Hammacher and Schlemmer Institute, a consumer products review panel.

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    Another popular mug is the DCI I Am Not A Paper Cup.  The cup itself is made of porcelain, and the lid is made of silicone.  See the reviews on Amazon to get a better idea if it will work for you.

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    You have a lot of choices. You can go with a metal thermos, a cup that looks like the coffee cups you get a coffee shops (but made out of porcelain or melamine), or even cups made from biodegradable corn plastic!

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    The problem with metal coffee mugs is they will eventually become trash some where in a landfill. Even though they can save thousands of paper cups over your lifetime, some day you will lose it or throw it away. It’s that long term thinking, that makes be think a porcelain mug is best. If it breaks, use the pieces and make an art project out of it, or grind it down to dust and have a virtually zero impact on the environment. Just be careful not to drop it! Here’s a great one:


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