What is the best eco friendly tent?



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    It really depends on the type of camping that you want to do. If you are looking to do short-term camping, or camping that doesn’t require you to carry your tent very far, then you should look into tents made of organic cotton, wool, or hemp (these are typically more expensive).

    If you will need to carry your tent for long distances, or if you need something more durable, then your best, and unfortunately only, option might be going with a tent made from synthetic material.

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    Nemo makes an eco-friendly tent called the “Andi Oz” tent. About 90% of the tent is made of recycled material or recyclable materials. The shell and fly are both breathable and waterproof, while the floor is made out of recycled PET. Nemo doesn’t use PVC in their products anymore, this tent included. Bamboo tent poles are an option if requested. The tent comes with poles made out of DAC that are recyclable.

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