What is the best eco friendly cold cup?



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    My personal favorite cold cups are made by Eco-Products and are available online at http://www.biodegradablestore.com/pp/corn_cups/pp_bio_20_corn_u_C_S.html. They are made from corn, are biodegradable (and will compost after only 45-60 days), have no leeching chemicals and has a heat tolerance of 110 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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    My favorite is the To-go Cold Cup Tumbler from Starbucks.  Maybe it’s just because it looks just like a cold coffee cup you normally get from Starbucks.  This one is reusable and has a nice long straw, double-walled sides, and screwable lid. 


    You can get a grande size or a venti but they are currently out of stock.  These cups have been very popular in the past year so I expect Starbucks will be selling them again soon.

    Venti To-Go Cold Cup Tumbler by Starbucks Coffee (20-oz.)

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