what is the best (easiest) system to harvest the worms from my worm beds?



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    This website recommends dumping the worms and their wormbed into a cone-shaped piece of plywood (or something similar) in which you can easily shave off the top couple inches in order to retrieve the worms who burrow underneath to escape the light.  Do this a few times, retrieving the biggest worms and leaving the smaller worms and the egg cases aside – these you should transfer to a fresh bed.  Repeat this every month or so.  

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    It’s recommended that you begin harvesting only when the worm bed and the consumed food has “turned a rich dark blown, with a consistency of coffee grounds.” Otherwise the wormbed material might be too sludgy, smelly, and difficult to dig through.  One method for harvesting the worms is to dump the wormbedding onto a tarp in bright light.  As the worms burrow down to avoid the light, separate the “castings” by scraping them away, and repeat the process until all you’re left with is worms.

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