What is the best e-reader on the market right now?



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    This has a lot to do with preference. If you really care about being able to buy books wirelessly, then you might go for the Kindle or Nook. If not, then you could be happy with the Sony Readers.

    I have the Sony Reader and one of the main reasons I like is that I love the e-ink screen and the variety of formats that it supports.

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    From my personal experience, the Amazon Kindle is the best.  Even the oldest model is easy to use, convenient, and compact.  I’ve tried other similar devices at book stores, but none are as easy to figure out quickly.  With the Kindle, there are also tons of books to choose from as well as newspapers and magazines.  I highly recommend it!

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    I bought my mom the Kindle for her birthday.  I think it’s great.  It’s very easy to read and very small.  It also has a lot of books that are available for it for lower prices.

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    I personally like the kindle better than the nook right now. However, both are great! Below is the a comparison between the two. 


    The Good: Includes an additional color screen, permits friends to borrow downloaded books from one another, and allows free browsing of entire books when the user is in a Barnes & Noble store.
    The Bad: Slow to boot up, format text, and display it on the screen. Color screen and Wi-Fi connection drain battery life.


    The Good: Lighter and faster than the Nook, it boasts longer battery life, and each of its features has been thoroughly tested in the market.
    The Bad: The physical keyboard seems clunky and unnecessary. And it lacks some clever features, such as lending rights.

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    I purchased my Nook for my husband last February and he loves it. He has swapped with Kindle users for test drives and found that the Nook is less cumbersome to use. Some of the kindle users preferred the Nook once they tried it.

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    The new Kindle is easy to read in bright light, and works seamlessly with Amazon’s catalog.

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    I would choose the Kindle over the Nook simply because they have more of the recently popular/new released e-books and their e-books cost much less. Also the price for the kindle is lower.

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    Barnes and Nobles Nook is already great but there is one that will be released on November 9th that will not only be an e-reader but has all the capabilities of the iPad including wifi connection in AT&T hotspots. The screen is going to full color as well. Even the covers got upgraded; you can really express yourself with them.

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