What is the best drink at starbucks to get for the environment?



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    Probability water. But no one goes to Starbucks for a glass of water, so besides that, I think that most of their drinks have the same environmental impact. Maybe one that uses less coffee beans than the others will have a smaller impact on the environment. One easy way to stay eco-friendly at Starbucks is drinking out of reusable or recyclable cups. 

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    Using soy milk instead of cow’s milk will lessen your carbon footprint.  Raising livestock is an incredibly carbon intensive process while growing plants is not.  While growing, plants sequester (trap) carbon dioxide and use it for photosynthesis. Animals are very inefficient at producing milk not to mention create a lot of carbon dioxide, “it takes several pounds of corn and soy to produce one pound of beef, or one pound of eggs, one pound of milk, etc.”  

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    It doesn’t really depend on the type of coffee, but how the bean was produced. The most eco-friendly coffee you can find is the most eco-friendly coffee that was made. Most coffee bean plantations use chemicals and insecticides as well as depleting natural habitats for wild animals and plants to make room for coffee fields. The most eco-friendly coffee bean are planted and harvested in shade plantations. Shade plantations are a habitat more than a plantation, providing an environment for animals and coffee production to coexist.

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