What is the best cookie for you that still tastes amazing?



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    Well, apparently there’s a company called Hannah’s Healthier Cookies where you can buy cookies that are better for you than your usual Chips Ahoy. Website: http://www.hannahshealthiercookies.com/

    You can also make some substitutions in your own cookie-making to make them healither. Using honey instead of sugar, for example, can make the cookies better for you. Substitute white flour for whole wheat, or use oats and cut out a portion of the flour See more here: http://www.wisegeek.com/how-can-i-make-healthy-cookies.htm

    I’d also recommend perusing your local health-oriented or gluten-free bakeries and trying out their cookies. Ask for nutritional infomation regarding the cookies. Remember, cookies are still a treat so it’s unlikely many cookies will ever be good for you, but there are certainly healthier alternatives to regular cookies.

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    Oatmeal cookies are probably one of the more healthier and common choices for cookies, and they taste great with raisins!

    Otherwise, as mentioned above, you can follow recipes for regular cookies but make a few healthier substitutions. Here’s an example: http://www.vegetariantimes.com/recipes/10870

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