What is the best coffee company in the world?



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    Base on different criteria, the answer to this question will be different. 

    In my opinion, I think best coffee company in the world in terms of popularity is Starbucks. Its popularity is on par with that of Mcdonald’s. It is known worldwide and has ingrained itself into our culture. Starbucks made coffee convenient, easy, somewhat affordable, fun and relaxing. It reinvorgorated the cafe culture. Of course, the company is not perfect, but I think it has done a consistently good job of improving its image and product every year. 

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    The best coffee company in the world is Stumptown Coffee, which is based out of Portland, Oregon, but is national. It is the best coffee I have ever had and the quality is impeccable, wheras Strabucks often burns their espresso beans and has made coffee a major consumer industry. Stumptown is always locally owned and the Stumptown crew pursues the best beans in the world, visiting farms and paying much more than Fair Trade regulates, infact they have set the record for paying the most for their beans, which is good for farmers, but also good for coffee drinkers because they get all the more quality for the same price. Overall, their business model is much more eco-friendly and farmer friendly than Starbucks, although many of my friends work for Starbucks and they cannot be criticized for mistreating their employees. They offer good benefits and stock options to their baristas. 

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